You've probably shaken your head at a news story about somebody leaving a laptop on the train, and a thief getting access to essential and confidential records. It's unfathomable that somebody could be that daft, isn't it? Well actually, that and so much more, is a lot more common than you think.

Threats to your business come in many guises – not just as straightforward as theft of a laptop, PC or mobile device. Cyber criminals are becoming ever more sophisticated, and honest, hard working business owners find themselves literally held to ransom to access their own data.

Protecting your business from attacks on your software – the essential applications you need to run your business – is essential.


However, despite how good your people are, every business is at much at risk from internal influences as external ones. Often, this is due to lack of knowledge or naivety. But it is easily overcome.

We are not only able to recommend and implement the right solutions to reduce the risk of virus, malware and ransomware on your systems, but we can also deliver people friendly security training, to help your staff be vigilant for risks and scams.



  • Virus scanning
  • Content scanning
  • Quarantine of high risk mail
  • Encryption of sensitive data
  • Archiving & compliance


  • Encryption of sensitive data
  • Restricted access
  • Anti virus & malware
  • Firewall solutions
  • Gateway solutions


  • Reduces risk of sensitive data being sent externally
  • Robust policies
  • Link with infrastructure & email


  • Restriction of access to sites
  • Penetration testing
  • GDPR ready


Don’t worry, that’s why we are here to help…

Very few of our clients have in-house expertise, and that’s why they turn to us. We can assess your current security setup and run test to evaluate just how robust the process is. Then we can make recommendations to further protect your business, along with implementation and continuous monitoring, so you can sleep easier at night.

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