You probably don't want to think about a disaster happening in your business. No company does... and yet it happens...

Whilst it’s distressing at the time, a disaster can be put behind you relatively quickly, if you can recover as soon as possible. And that’s all about having the right plan and processes set up to protect you. You may think you have this covered – you backup your files, and you have a plan in place.

But when did you last review your plan? Have you attempted to recover data from your backups?

It may seem like scaremongering, but we’ve helped out several clients with anything from corrupt files to having the whole company premises burnt down.

It’s always so much easier, and calmer, to put plans in place, and test them, when there is no disaster. It helps you sleep better at night, knowing that should disaster strike, we have you covered.


File Backup

  • Backup to network device
  • Offsite backup to cloud solution
  • Granular file restoring

Site Recovery

  • Mirrored solution
  • Entire infrastructure protection
  • Step up from traditional backup

365 Backup

  • Beyond inbuilt 30 day recovery
  • Full data recovery
  • Solutions for Hosted Exchange, SharePoint and more

DR Testing

  • Design of clear & robust plan
  • Regular backup & DR testing
  • Full implementation & monitoring


Don’t worry, that’s why we are here to help…

Very few of our clients have in-house expertise, and that’s why they turn to us. We can review your current disaster recovery and backup solutions, and make sure they are fit for purpose – now and into the future. We will test how they work, look at recovering backed up data, and then maintain the best solution, so you can forget about it.

Want an audit of your backup and disaster recovery set up?


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