Road Mapping – the key to exceptional service!

Road Mapping - the key to exceptional service!

An Interview with a Technology revolutionist; Road Mapping – the key to exceptional service!

In our last interview Simon, you mentioned that Riven uses a Road Mapping process with clients.

What is this? And why is it so important for your clients?

Road Mapping is ultimately a robust process we use with clients that documents and joins the dots between all the areas involved in a client’s journey with Riven. So it takes feedback from the client, our helpdesk, and Account Managers and examines the infrastructure over the next 3 years.

It basically maps out all key milestones and becomes a key document for us and our clients. It’s constantly evolving and so becomes a living document.

Why is it so important for you and for your clients?

For us both, it takes away any of the surprises and it becomes a discussion point for change. Especially looking at where they are now, where they want to be and how we support their IT infrastructure to enable that journey.

We would look at things like budget, staff training, change management and align their IT plan alongside their Business Plans.

“But it always amazes me how many businesses don’t have a business plan!”

If a business plan involves both business and staff growth businesses need to think about how their IT is going to support that.

At Riven we kook at the key milestones and make recommendations based on all the factors – it’s a 2-way conversation. And our role is far more strategic so we can make an impact in our client’s business and drive those conversations!

Isn’t this what all IT Support Companies do?

Not that I know of…

This is what sets us apart from the competition.

And that’s part of my role within Riven. Being the visionary in our client’s business. Really being able to change the direction of their IT to support the growth, ambitions, and changes.

In your opinion, what can businesses do right now to make a direct impact on their business today?

Ask your IT partner “If we were a new IT client, what should we be doing with our IT?”

If you’re not getting the answers you need then come and talk to us.

We have fantastic partnerships within Riven that give us the depth and breadth that other companies just can’t offer.

And, we want to have those conversations with you!

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