Microsoft Office 365 Gives Smaller Businesses Effortless Access to Cloud Computing

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 has been designed to help businesses make the transition to cloud computing without emptying their pockets. Designed with small and medium sized businesses in mind, 365 makes the switch cheap, easy, and low-risk, while allowing access to the multitude of benefits that come with life on the cloud.

On-site digital storage facilities are expensive to install, maintain, and operate, and come with a set capacity. You’ll need to house them yourself, and will be responsible for all upgrades, patches, and security software. You’ll either need to take time out of your day to perform these tasks, or cough up the cash for additional employees.

Businesses no longer need to hold to this antiquated system. Office 365 stores files in advanced data centres, with first-class security – both physical and digital. And those maintenance tasks? All performed by Microsoft. Systems stay on the cutting edge without businesses themselves lifting a finger, or opening a wallet.

Not just affordable, this is a system which is easy to use from day one. Smaller companies have often veered away from cloud based applications due to the time they’ll need to spend training themselves and their employees. Not anymore.

Office 365 takes familiar digital tools and augments them with cloud-based applications. Employees and business owners can keep using programs they’re already acquainted with, with no need to waste resources on extensive training. Additional features are intuitive and easily learnt, so all enhancements can be effortlessly incorporated into the working day.

Once 365 has been installed, even small or medium sized businesses can boast a global presence. Internet connection permitting, work can be completed from anywhere. Instead of cumbersome email attachments, collaboration is streamlined, with team members able to discuss projects as a group, make decisions in real-time, and edit documents simultaneously.

These advantages mean smaller businesses are expanding faster than ever before, without needing to invest any appreciable amount of capital. Employees have even been encouraged to work from home, saving on-site costs.

Contact with contractors is also improved. Freelancers – such as writers, IT support professionals, and accountants – can now enjoy direct access to relevant files. All meetings can be carried out across the cloud, allowing users to optimise their time and streamline the necessary transfer of data. Relevant clients have better access too, with the ability to edit and transfer documents seamlessly for enhanced communication.

All data usage can be monitored from a single administration panel, so business owners can stay in control, and even monitor certain files, users, and access points to make sure things are running smoothly. If anything goes wrong, IT support can step in quickly and efficiently, regardless of your current location.

Small and medium sized businesses once asked themselves if they could afford to spend the time and money needed to access the cloud. It used to be a reasonable question, but Office 365 has made it irrelevant. The price is minimal, the installation is easy, and the advantages are profound. Don’t ask if you can afford to have Microsoft 365 – ask if you can afford not to.

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