An Insider’s Guide to IT Project Success

An Insider’s Guide to IT Project Success; Guest Blog by Philippa Reader If you’re looking to implement new technology, you might try googling “success rate of IT projects”. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make for pretty reading.  Countless research articles year on year suggest partial, or total, failure rates of up to 70%. It may be nothing…

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Digital Progress made by Business in 2020

Following on from our previous article covering how IT has played a critical role during the pandemic, we wanted to explore the progress business has made in truly adopting digital technology. When viewed against the rest of the World you would expect the UK to perform well for technology. The UK is one of the…

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How IT is playing a critical role in the pandemic

As we hit the one-year anniversary of lockdown, most of us would probably say that we never thought we would be where we are now. We are exploring the critical role IT has played during the pandemic. Whether your business has been severely impacted or remained buoyant during this incredibly difficult time, there is no…

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Backup symbol

Backups – Why pressing the button isn’t enough

When was the last time you reviewed your backup process? Are you still dusting off tapes? Are you confident the backups work? Historically, backups were done on tapes. Often, there were just two – one in the machine doing the current backup, and the other which you took home each night. Yes, millennials – that…

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IT Security

Firewall, Anti- Virus and Email Security Webinar

Check out our webinar to find out more about IT security – specifically firewalls, anti-virus software and some tips on email security.

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Is Your Company Network Triple Protected From Online Threats?

The business technology of today presents a double-edged sword for many business owners. Failing to keep up with a landscape which is becoming more and more interconnected could be fatal, but so could falling foul of the many web-based menaces you could be exposed to. To safeguard your network, make sure you install reputable anti-virus,…

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