GDPR – do you feel like you’re tackling the 100 Day War?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for last few months, you’ve probably heard about the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). And, indeed, you’ve probably been bombarded with emails and advice from all quarters telling you what you need to do. Frankly, we’re guessing you’re sick to death of hearing about it. So, before we…

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Patching – what is it and should you bother?

If you’re thinking sewing and homemade quilts, you’re definitely in the wrong place! However, if you carry out this simple task, you should get a much warmer feeling about the security, reliability and performance of your computer systems. So, what is patching? Essentially, it is about keeping everything up to date. That’s from the ground…

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Top Do’s and Don’ts – Email Scams

Following on from our previous post, an introduction to phishing, we wanted to share some top do’s and don’ts on coping with email scams with you. The Do’s: Think – Does it look legit? Is the spelling or grammar wrong? Do you know who it’s from and if you think you do, would they send it?…

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Gone fishing, or is that phishing?

Phishing, spear phishing, trawling, whaling – what does it mean? It’s all a form of hunting and you’re the potential prey. These are all terms created by ‘techie geeks’ for techniques they use to get you hooked – ultimately getting something of value from you. What could that be? A password to an e-mail account,…

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What is Dropbox and should i use it?

Dropbox is an online (cloud) based file storage service. What does that mean? You can load files and images into your account so you can access them from anywhere. You can set up folders to make everything easy to file and find. And better still, you can share access to specific folders with other people…

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Firewall, Anti- Virus and Email Security Webinar

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Is Your Company Network Triple Protected From Online Threats?

  The business technology of today presents a double-edged sword for many business owners. Failing to keep up with a landscape which is becoming more and more interconnected could be fatal, but so could falling foul of the many web-based menaces you could be exposed to. To safeguard your network, make sure you install reputable…

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Microsoft Office 365 Gives Smaller Businesses Effortless Access to Cloud Computing

Microsoft Office 365 has been designed to help businesses make the transition to cloud computing without emptying their pockets. Designed with small and medium sized businesses in mind, 365 makes the switch cheap, easy, and low-risk, while allowing access to the multitude of benefits that come with life on the cloud. On-site digital storage facilities…

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