An Insider’s Guide to IT Project Success

An Insider’s Guide to IT Project Success; Guest Blog by Philippa Reader If you’re looking to implement new technology, you might try googling “success rate of IT projects”. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make for pretty reading.  Countless research articles year on year suggest partial, or total, failure rates of up to 70%. It may be nothing…

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Road Mapping – the key to exceptional service!

An Interview with a Technology revolutionist; Road Mapping – the key to exceptional service! In our last interview Simon, you mentioned that Riven uses a Road Mapping process with clients. What is this? And why is it so important for your clients? Road Mapping is ultimately a robust process we use with clients that documents…

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Interview with a Technology Revolutionist…!

Tell me about yourself Simon I’ve worked for nearly 30 years in IT. I am now the Managing Director of Riven Associates and head up the strategy –  client-side, and relationships. I guess I’m seen as the thought leader of the business. In your expert opinion, what are the number 1 priority businesses should be…

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Windows 11 – to download or not to download? That is the question

Six years after they launched Windows 10, Microsoft have launched the new and improved Windows 11!   Windows chief product officer Panos Panay, told the BBC that Windows 11 has been designed to be “clean and fresh and simpler” for the user.   But the hardware requirements needed to launch it seems to be pretty…

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Public WIFI – a hackers delight!

Public WIFI security is a hackers delight! And we’ve all done it. How many times when you’re out and about have you connected to public Wifi? Free Wi-Fi is available everywhere now – in shopping centres, airports, restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, public transport, hotel rooms, the list is endless! These networks are used by millions…

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