Agile Working

Being able to work from anywhere is now important than ever...

Accessing your information from anywhere on any device has now become an essential feature of modern business technology.

We’ve been working with our customers to adopt agile working for a long time.

But truly adopting agile working can help in so many ways…

  • Improving your company culture
  • Achieving financial efficiencies
  • Ensuring your business is compliant

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Since the recent Coronavirus forced the country into lockdown business owners have had to adopt remote working for all of their team.

But being confident about productivity, motivation and work ethics, plus being sure your team are coping, is all down to culture.

Check out our resources.

Culture Article


The agile working model gives you the flexibility to increase or reduce user licences as you need to. So, you’re no longer paying for software and apps you don’t need.

Go with a fully remote desktop solution, and you can do away with all of your hardware headaches too. And potentially reduce the size of your premises.

This means you will be paying for what you need and use, not being harnessed to old technology and ways of working that no longer serves your business.

Finance Article


If you operate within the finance sector you know the importance of compliance only too well. 

But these days, the requirement for a robust, full traceable operation that tracks your data, and can ensure both customer and company information is secure, is essential for every business.

Here are just some examples of how the digital transformation is supporting business compliance needs.

It includes the importance of security training on a regular basis for your whole team. We have found this particular style of training to be very effective in embedding essential messages with humour.

Compliance Article


Think you’ve got Teams licked? Check out these resources for some tips and tricks – we bet you learn something new…