Moving offices is always a stressful project, but I certainly didn’t need to worry about the IT, in Riven’s very capable hands. The hard work and meticulous planning made sure everything worked like clockwork – it couldn’t have been better.

The project was on time and on budget – sadly a rarity these days. Everybody had been appropriately briefed within Riven, so we were able to speak to several people who were all up to speed. Ryan even came over and worked with the team to give them confidence on their first morning in the new office – that was the cherry on top.

Having access to senior people within Riven gave me huge confidence – it was their biggest sell by a country mile and, in my opinion, it was priceless.

We are confident we have an IT system that is not only right for us now, but futureproofed too. And, even better, our risk profile has reduced by moving to the cloud.

Would I recommend Riven? Without a doubt!

Derrick Hatchett . TSL Projects

Having worked with Riven since they started in 2003, they have got to know our business and our team really well. They operate as our in house IT department and are an integral part of our business. They speak our language and have a proactive approach to both support and planning.

Their response times are one of their biggest assets – plus we appreciate it when they tell us we have a problem and how they are fixing it – before we even realise.

We have grown significantly since the early days with Riven, and they have coped well with our changes. They have provided a scalable solution, with seamless expansion and transition.

We have a great relationship with them and trust their judgement. We know they want what we want: IT that works for our business.

Phil Rawnson . MRT Castings

Riven’s knowledge and customer service is brilliant. They are always available to give advice, as well as fix any problems – that’s been invaluable over the years.

Working with them has given us the confidence to move forward as a business, knowing we have a robust IT system and team to support it. I would say they really do go the extra mile.

David Rowland . Confero Collections

Working with Riven has made savings in terms of cost and man hours. Having one central focus for all IT and technology requirements/ troubleshooting means we are reassured that the solutions proposed provide the best business fit with minimal guidance.

Having worked together for a few years now, Riven understand our business, how we work and what we need to achieve.

Carol Rothwell . Professional Sports Group

As a small company we need to outsource our IT and being with Riven has given us complete peace of mind. We have worked with them for many years and know that technical support is there whenever we need it. Their response is always prompt, they are easy to work with and we highly recommend their services.

Lin Heiser . Entecon Industies Limited

Riven Associates provide a friendly service and they are always very helpful. I am always reassured that the IT side of things is being properly looked after.

I was concerned that installation of our new phone system could cause us some problems. It was good to have Riven on hand to assist with configuration of the new hub.

Bob Smith . Industrial Air

Riven have made our lives a whole lot easier, I mean to have someone as a point of contact to call is amazing. We used to use a guy who we would ring with IT problems, and he would maybe get back to us after a couple of days, so this is brilliant. Riven are quick to respond and just really give us total peace of mind.

Absolutely never have to worry about IT anymore.

Angela O'Neill . InterDesign UK

The thing I really like about Riven is that they go out of their way to help us. You never feel like a ticket number. Whenever there is a problem they go at it like a dog with a bone, until they have come up with a fix. Their commitment to pulling out all the stops means our business can continue to run smoothly.

Riven understand we are not IT experts so are patient and tolerant when we explain our needs. The team are absolutely lovely, and I can’t imagine not working with them.

Wendy Gomeze . WARL

Initially, we appointed Riven because they spoke to us in English, not IT talk. That still remains one of their biggest strengths. They never make me feel stupid when I need to ask questions.

I have a great relationship with everyone on the team, and find them all very friendly.

We have grown hugely in the last few years, and Riven have definitely supported that growth – we know our IT is in reliable hands.

Yvonne Everest . Toureen Contractors

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